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Quick-Step OIL CARE




Quick-Step Oil Care
For Treatment of the Quickstep range of oiled wood floors only - 750ml Bottle

QuickStep Oil Care is a maintenance product for the periodic treatment of oiled Quickstep wood floors.
( this product is NOT to be used on QuickStep flooring laminates, only the oiled real wood range )

Instructions for use:

After 3 times of cleaning your flooring with 'QuickStep Clean' ( the product used for day to day cleaning of your oiled wood floor ) clean it a 4th time with the QuickStep Clean system, let it dry well, then use QuickStep Oil Care on the clean floor to revitalize it.

Make sure the floor is dry, clean and free from dust or stains. Dilute 2 to maximum of 4 capfuls of Oil Care in 5 litres of water ( use the blue cap from the bottle supplied ). Soak a non-fluffy mop or use a QuickStep Microfibre mop cloth in this solution, wring out well, making sure it is only slightly damp. Wipe the floor in the lengthways direction of the panels, ALWAYS wipe off with a dry cloth until no moisture is visible on the floor. Regularly rinse and wring out, avoid using excessive water on your flooring.

You must keep the mop cloth used for Oiling your floors exclusively for the oiling treatment only, do not use the same cloth for general maintenance.

TIP: If you clean your floor every week with Quick-Step Cleaning products, you should use Quick-Step Oil Care once a month. If you clean your floor every two weeks, you should use the Quick-Step Oil Care once every 2 months.

What's included:

1 x 750ml bottle of Quick-Step Oil Care maintenance solution

In Stock

1 x QuickStep Oil Care Maintenance Fluid -
£ 14.95
For the 'Oiled Range' of QuickStep's real wood flooring collection
Order Ref: CMQ-QS-016

+ *** Special Offer ***
QuickStep Oiled Wood Flooring Care Kit Bundle Deal

QuickStep Oil Care 750ml + QuickStep Mop Cloth -
£ 21.95
Order Ref: CMQ-QS-KD9
Save £ 1.99 with this deal against single item prices

+ *** Special Offer ***
QuickStep Oiled Wood Flooring Care Kit Bundle Deal

1 x QuickStep Cleaning Kit + QuickStep Oil Care 750ml -
£ 31.50
Order Ref: CMQ-QS-KD7
Save £ 4.40 with this deal against single item prices

+ +

*** Special Offer ***
QuickStep Oiled Wood Flooring Care Kit Bundle Deal

1 x Quick-Step Cleaning Kit +
1 x Bottle of 750ml 'Quick-Step Oil Care + Extra Mop Cloth

Order Ref: CMQ-QS-KD8 - £ 38.50
Save £ 6.39 with this deal against single item prices

Quick-Step laminate is easy to keep clean when you use the right products: Quick-Step Cleaning Kit, one set (including handy flexible flipper / flat mop) for both slightly moist and dry maintenance. You can wash this microfiber cloth in the washing machine. With the handy sprayer you can always apply the right dose of the cleaning product.
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