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Quick-Step Clean - 2.5 Litre Bottle Laminate, Wood, LVT Cleaner


NEW Bottle 2.5 litre for 2019

Quick-Step Clean - Floor Cleaner 2500ml Bottle
Suitable for Quickstep Laminate - Wood - Livyn LVT Flooring

Keeping your floor in top condition is easy Quick-Step laminate is not only easy to clean, it's hygienic too. In fact the sealed surface prevents bacteria accumulating on the floor. This is good for the prevention of allergies.

Instructions for use:

Clean the floor regularly with this cleaner diluted in water, mix two capfuls of this cleaner in a bucket full of water, wipe the floor with a slightly damp (very well wrung out), non-fluffy cloth or flat microfibre mop cloth which has been dipped in this solution.ALWAYS wipe off the floor with a dry cloth until no moisture is visable on the floor (or in the 'v' groove joints if you floor has them). Regularly rinse and wring out, avoid using excessive water on your flooring.

What's included:

1 x 2500ml ( 2.5 litre ) bottle of concentrate Quick-Step cleaning solution

In Stock

Price for 1 Quick-Step Clean Cleaning Fluid
2.5 litre bottle - £ 19.95
Order Reference CMQ-QS-015

Bundle Deal
Quick-Step Clean Cleaning Fluid - £ 35.50
2 x 2.5 litre bottles ( 2 pack deal )
Order Reference CMQ-QS-015-2
Save £ 1.95 with this deal against single item prices

Quick-Step laminate is easy to keep clean when you use the right products: Quick-Step Cleaning Kit, one set (including handy flexible flipper / flat mop) for both slightly moist and dry maintenance. You can wash this microfiber cloth in the washing machine. With the handy sprayer you can always apply the right dose of the cleaning product.

Click here to download a copy of the MSDS saftey data sheet for 'QuickStep Clean' cleaning fluid

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